We use a toll-free number that provides access throughout the continental United States. To send a page, just call our 800 number (from a touch-tone telephone), enter your your PIN (Personal Identification Number) and follow the voice prompts. Or if you wish, access our system via the internet or with one of the latest paging software programs. Our system is user friendly, so paging is easy regardless of your previous experience with paging services or pager types. For business or personal use, Black Bear is creating a new standard in what you should expect in a paging company.
To send your page from a touch-tone phone, dial.....
1-800-WVA-BEAR or 1-800-982-2327

To send your page from a pay telephone, dial.....

So...Run with the Best...Run with the Bear...Black Bear Paging Service.

* Note: In 1996 the FCC passed the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This ruling simply states that telephone service providers must compensate pay telephone providers for their services. As a result, this "compensation" has been passed on to telephone service customers. Black Bear Paging has decided to NOT pass this expense to our customers. Therefore, access to our terminal from a pay telephone has been blocked. At Black Bear Paging, we are committed to providing the best paging service at the best price. Therefore, an alternate telephone number of 1-304-273-9432 has been provided for access from pay telephones. We thank-you for your understanding.

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